Why Write Off?

If you’re looking for a story so polished it blinds you, put your shades away. You’re in the wrong place.

The Write Offs are a multi-purpose tool for improving what I do. The Swiss Army knife of my writing strategy, you might say, intended to improve my ability to turn an idea into a developing story into an outline into sensible paragraphs into a complete snippet of reality. Or imagination.

And to do the above more quickly.

The Write Offs are drafts, in all their unedited gory. Er, glory. D-r-a-f-t-s. While I encourage you to comment on any or all of them, be aware that they are incomplete. (Granted, when a work is “complete” is another debate entirely.) If my previous work is any indication, parts of them may not even be recognizable once my inner editor brings its red pen to the party.

So read on, before tomorrow’s edit casts aside today’s experiment.

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