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“The Sketch”

Two weeks ago, she had been beautiful. Shapely figure from tip to hips. Bright smile, and magnetic. Long hair splashing past her shoulders and stopping just shy of the top of her breasts.

Two weeks ago, she had been sunning herself on a foreign beach with friends, placing bets on who could draw the most attention. The competition had been close, but was about to turn as her friend reached for the fastener on her bikini top. Before her friend could undo it, though, a young man—not much older than they—approached Jennifer.

He handed her a sheet of paper and spoke briefly. “Something to remember your beauty when it fades.”

She slapped him, mostly to save face in front of her friends, but partly because she truly did take offense. He left without another word, derided by her friends as he went.

The paper was cool on her fingers, a brief respite in the hot sun. She turned it over and gasped. The sheet contained a simple charcoal sketch, a black and white imprint of herself stretched along her beach chair, warming in the sun. The image was stunning, more beautiful even than any photograph of herself she’d seen.

For a moment, she almost wished she hadn’t slapped him.

(Her friends agreed, Jennifer had won the bet.)

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