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“When God is No Longer”

They cleared the bodies once, in the beginning.

Back when it mattered.

Two by two the people came, plugging in and falling, bodies collapsing to the ground to the tune of thudding mackerel.

The transfer had begun. It was more than the next step. It was the New Existence.

The masses embraced it, the religious feared it. But all were intrigued.

Families fought over living wills as the husks withered. Priests pulled triggers as their congregations shriveled away. Children and parents plugged in together, laughing or crying as the prongs touched the brain.

The fattest capitalists watched from their castles, squeezing until their dwindling power suffocated completely. On that day they realized that all their schemes had turned to dust, all their gold to millstones. All that remained was submission to the great collective, the expanding sac of human consciousness.

The new power.

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